Having had so far more sales (8) in Pacific Gate than any other agent or team you might ask what have I done differently to be ahead of the rest.  Well first off, its not a competition and there is no prize or award for bringing the most buyers there.  What separates me from the competition is my knowledge and level of personalized one on one customer service.  You see there are some big teams out there that do a lot of transactions but the face or person the team is named after is almost never going to walk a potential buyer around town showing them properties, its time consuming and requires a lot of patients, preparation and knowledge about each building and in some cases the views from the particular condos.   Usually what happens with the teams is their rookie agents get handed the buyers who may not even know about the new condo buildings out there, leaving more opportunities for my clients.  

So once I show a prospective buyer all the resale choices downtown along with the brand new Pacific Gate, it sort of sells itself in many ways.  Being far superior to any and all other buildings downtown with respect to the quality and amenities it just boils down to the value proposition at that point, is it worth the extra money.  A strong case can be made for the value it offers, but will save that for another blog post, but will end with this thought.  If those buyers come to me in 5-10 years and ask me to sell their condo we will both be glad its only 5-10 years old because all the other resales will be 15-20 years old and you know what that means if you have looked at a 20 year old condo, total remodeling project, ugh. 

Mr Nat Bosa and I.