Just calculated price appreciation for 2015, overall downtown San Diego condo market was up 6.9% from 2014.  That rate would have been 8.1% had it not been for an entry level apartment building that converted to condos and sold units throughout the year.  The luxury segment of the market, loosely defined as condos over 1,200 sf, the appreciation rate was 10.4%.  Congratulations to those already owning a condo in downtown San Diego.  I expect continued appreciation simply due to continued strong demand to live not only in San Diego, but specifically in the constantly improving downtown neighborhood.  While demand grows, the supply of condos is not growing in 2016 and we just might have a two luxury condo buildings be completed in late 2017.  Starting prices for those condos are very expensive and will push the average prices even higher and pull in some ultra luxury buyers not yet in downtown.