Downtown San Diego is a great place to have a dog or two, having had two dogs for about 10 years living in the Gaslamp Quarter neighborhood I know some great places to take your dogs for a walk, shop for supplies or just to play with other dogs.

1. Walking the Dog:   We have such a beautiful city to walk our dogs in, one of the most popular places to walk dogs is along the Martin Luther Promenade which runs through the Marina, Gaslamp and East Village neighborhoods.  It is parallel to the train tracks and about a mile long with several little grass parks adjacent to it along the way.  The most popular stop along the way is the small grass park next to the Gaslamp Hilton hotel, expect to see a dozen dogs or so there around 6pm M-F.  This little park is not a leash free park but you will see more dogs off the leash than on.

If you like to take longer walks, the esplanade (a good 20 foot wide sidewalk) along the embarcadero is a must walk.  It runs along the waterfront from the Southern tip at Hilton hotel behind the convention center through Seaport Village and all the way to the Star of India ship as you head north to the airport, you can actually go past the Star of India on a regular sized sidewalk all the way to the airport. 

As for official off leash dog parks well, there are two each with its own pluses and minuses.  The largest by far is the dog park at Balboa Park called Kate's Park.   Its just west of the intersection of 6th Ave and Laurel Street.  Its a relatively huge dog park about the size of a football field.  It has some tree shaded areas and is fenced in.  Parking is a little challenging as the nearby parking spaces are used by lots of non dog owners going to the rest of Balboa Park.  This is really only within walking distance of the Bankers Hill neighborhood. 

Little Italy also has a leash free dog park named Amici Park.  Amici Park is a fenced off area of a big grass area belonging to Washington Elementary school.   This park in my opinion is only good enough for small dogs.  You know when  you go to a really great dog park that has two fenced off areas one for big dogs and a smaller fenced area for small dogs.  Well Amici Park is the size of the small fenced areas you see at other dog parks, yet it is to be shared by dogs of all sizes.  I have been to this park and its a doggie version of a big airport with crossing run ways yet no traffic controllers.   Dont bring your "chuck it" stick or its sure to be a doggie demolition derby.  Which leads me to suggest that even if you have a small dog you might want to consider going elsewhere as it might get run over by a bigger dog.  Amici dog park is a great place to socialize with other dog owners because your all scrunched in to an area where you don't need to yell across the park to talk to your neighbors.  Its better than no park in many ways and I know the Little Italy residents are proud they have a dog park, but if you want your dog to get a lot of exercise this is not the place in my opinion. 

One of my favorite places to take our dogs is to the big grass park behind the convention center known as Embarcadero Marina Park South.  This is a huge grass area about the size of a football field.  Its land locked on three sides so easy to keep your off leash dog contained.  This is not an official dog park and often there are organized activities that reserve the grass area, especially in the summer months when the Symphony Summer Pops takes it over.  If your dogs like to play Frisbee like mine, this is the place to go.  There is a lot of parking in the lot adjacent to this park if walking there is too far for you. 

Lastly on where to walk your dogs, I have a secret spot, its about a quarter mile long with grass and shade trees.  Its such a special and regular place for us because its never crowded.  If you want to email me or call me I will tell you were it is, but don't want to make this too widely known for that would take away one of the benefits to it.  I suggested to the City a few years ago that this would make a great official off leash dog park, but they chose to ignore me. 

2. Pet Stores:

My favorite is City Dog, locally owned and been in downtown for over 10 years, located on Park Blvd just a few feet South of Market Street in the East Village neighborhood.

In Northern Little Italy, Hairy and Merry

3. Veterinarians:

I have been going to Banfied for many years and they just opened a downtown location about a year ago on First Ave in the Marina neighborhood. 

Here are some others: 

In East Village neighborhood:

In Little Italy neighborhood:

For 24/7 emergency care I highly recommend VCA hospital, its a chain and the closest one is in Mission Valley

4. Day Care & Boarding: